Take it to the Bank: The ‘Boys over The ‘Hawks

Big Game this Sunday as the Dallas Cowboys visit the Seattle Seahawks. Seattle, as the defending Superbowl Champions, are the favorites to win. It doesn’t hurt that they are playing at home, where they never lose, in the loudest stadium on Earth. And yet, I’m putting my money on the Cowboys. Those mediocre, 8-8 players who have somehow managed to get one of the best starts in football this season.


Is this based on bias? Perhaps. Nevermind that I kind of hate that loudmouth Sherman, who seems to have no respect for the people he plays against. (Dez Bryant will handle him, so I’m not even worried about it.)  Nevermind that I actually live in Dallas. This is about the play of both teams. I don’t believe the Seahawks are who they used to be; I even kind of thought they were overrated last season too. Their playoff success was as simple as only playing 2 games at home where they are near invincible- I stand by that they never would have made it, if they had to do this on the road.


Simply looking at the product on the field, Seattle just isn’t as impressive as the Cowboys right now, who are finding all sorts of ways to win. they’ve even proved their come-from-behind mettle with some great clutch performances in late games. Call it hubris, if you want, but the Seattle is who I think they are, and now, finally the rest of the country is going to see that come 4:25 et Oct 12th.




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